At the heart of my work, I am dedicated to help you
become more of who you truly are, the best version of yourself

  • Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.

    - Mahatma Gandhi


    Anne Edano

  • Our attitude toward life determines life's attitude towards us.

    - Earl Nightingale


    Anne Edano

  • The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you
    truly are.

    - C.G. Jung


    Anne Edano

  • It is a happy talent to know how to play.

    - Ralph Waldo Emerson


    Anne Edano

  • Where there is love there is life.

    - Mahatma Gandhi


    Anne Edano

1 Day Package

One Fine Day Plug In

This is your personal day to be transformed from the inside out. You’re here because you are a radiant, beautiful, brilliant person who wants permanent, positive life changes. My goal is to provide you with mental, emotional, spiritual and energetic support to get you to the next level of your journey.

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90 Day Package

Love More Live Better

Welcome Conscious Regal Queen, like you, I’ve put lots of effort and energy to overcome shadows and anxieties, to be the best person I can be, unrestrained by the past, moving to a future worth living. At this juncture of your life; you’re enjoying the momentum and feeling good.

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6 Months Package

Inspire Self Mastery

Welcome Professional Powerhouse, I want to congratulate you for showing up and being here today. I am excited that you have taken this first step. I know that you are a radiant, beautiful, brilliant person who is ready for love.

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What is an Oracle?

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Guest blog by Elizabeth Selden-Smith 5051458

As an oracle, I am most often asked the following questions:

What does an oracle do?
Are you psychic?
What am I thinking right now?
Where is the biggest stash of buried treasure?
Are you like a living Ouija board?

I am an oracle trained in the lineage of the Oracles of Delphi. This means that I have gone through extensive training with another valid oracle in this ancient lineage to learn and master the skills necessary to properly do the work of the oracle.

The Theme for May is Trust

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Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 9.04.13 PMHope you all had a wonderful Beltane on May 1st!  If you participated in the Beltane ceremony last year, reflect on what your wishes and desires were.  What did you write on your May Pole?  Over the past year, what did you manifest?  How much did you create? Whether it was relationships, work, personal growth, etc. I hope you had an amazing year of empowerment and possibilities.

As of April 28th, we are in Mercury Retrograde until May 22.  We survived the unsettling energies of April (some better than others) and arrived to May 2016. With a new sense of self, new dreams, new possibilities, the month of May will be a leap of faith and discipline in eliminating any old attachments, judgment and doubt.

The THEME FOR MAY is TRUST.  This month you can move into a life that you truly, seriously, eagerly want.  Tackling a task or challenge by deciding it can be different and trust that it will be and allow it to be.


In the words of Pitbull “Took my life from negative to positive…”

Change the game but having a new set of rules to live by.  Rules that support a positive limitless expansion, a new direction. Acknowledge the power of your intuition.  It is no longer acceptable to be engaged in activities/things/people that goes against your personal values and integrity. You can Trust Yourself!  You can also trust to be supported.


May 1-7: This time frame is one of going within, exploring what is out of balance and setting a new path for yourself. It is a good week for:

  • cleaning and clearing,
  • disengaging from anything toxic,
  • setting new boundaries,
  • telling the truth to yourself about what is not working and
  • being patient with the irritations that are still keeping things a bit unsettled.

Some intentions will finally find their groove and be on their way, supported by a clear path. Some intentions will hit a wall of challenge and be thwarted at every turn. And some intentions will still be elusive in their clarity and commitment.

It is important to begin to really trust the process and not judge your life or other people’s actions through a limited focus on the negative. Trusting is more than just saying the words. It is truly handing over the process to spirit and moving forward from a place of intuition. You “know” what is right, so if there is a bit of chaos and confusion around you due to retrograde planets, be patient and trust that everything will unfold as it should when the time is right.

May 6: New Moon was Friday, May 6, at 1:30 p.m. Mountain Daylight Time (MDT). An earthy, robust day for having great gratitude for what is different and moving in your life. Celebrate your gifts and be inspired by what you can taste, feel and exchange with others. This is a good day to put your hands into the earth and do some planting either physically or symbolically.Bury the past and face the future with your own values, your own intuition, and your own trust. Ask for our great ally, pachamama, mother earth, to nurture those seeds and help you and your new intentions to grow into the most beautiful blooms.

May 8-15: A time of testing, perseverance, finding your inner strength, working with “time” in a new way, and re-assessing your values. It is also a time when hard decisions may be made for necessary change. You have support for releasing something from the past, some manifestation of an old belief system or something you have been holding on to as a known security even though you can clearly see it is no longer right for you. These changes may be difficult as you let go of what you have become accustomed to and what is familiar. There may be a grieving process as well. If change happens to you as a side effect of someone else’s decision, accept it and see it as an opportunity for your own reset.

Even though you cannot see the road ahead, you will need to use TRUST as your greatest asset as you take that leap of faith into something new. It is very important that you resist the temptation to define what you expect to happen in your life based on old experiences. Practice being like a child that has no library of past experiences to influence their expectations. Expect things to be different than they were before, keep an open mind and heart and always focus on what is new.

May 16-22: We are worn out, some of us disillusioned or in doubt. Did we make the right choices? Can we be this selfish? Do we deserve what we are asking for? Why are there not more signs to let us know we are on the right track?

This is a murky time of inner evaluation and where the trust in your values and choices really comes into play. Wherever you are, whomever you are with, and whatever you are doing needs to be trusted as the right thing that has chosen you. Relax and enjoy the ride, whatever it may be.

This time frame really supports the “being” part of who we are.

BE your intentions, BE your new rules, BE trusting, BE inspired, BE patient, and BE willing.

May 21Full Moon is Saturday, May 21 at 3:14 PM Mountain Daylight Time (MDT) This moon is a set up for great movement and manifestation. It is a productive time where much power and energy can be harnessed for fueling your new game. If you have been consistent in your trust and consistent in your truth and determined in your intentions, then your path will be clear, open and ready for traffic.

If you are still in the unsettled place of confusion, ambivalence and fear of change, you have work to do.

May 23-31It is all systems go. This is a time of movement, fruition and action. At times you may feel that things are moving a bit too fast and out of your control but you must trust that this has all been put into motion by your intentions for change and the discipline to leave the past behind. You may not understand all that is coming your way, but you need to trust that it is the right thing.

For example, you may meet someone that you have a very strong intuitive feeling of connection with but you may not clearly yet see where they fit into your life. Or you can have a strong sense of needing to go somewhere or study something or do a project but you don’t know why. There is a part of you that knows why, but it is not the intellectual part. This is where trust comes in and the intellectual clarity will follow. So follow and trust your heart. As long as you move forward from your own integrity, values and intuition, you cannot go wrong.

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It’s the Year of the Fire Monkey

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On Feb. 8, a new moon rose i12670279_1743065669249635_2474151196345465504_nn Aquarius on the same the Chinese Solar New Year of the Fire Monkey began. It was truly a lunar moment.

The Fire Monkey is a symbol of energetic spirited intelligence and creativity, as well as courageousness, impulsiveness and opportunism.

This archetype supports learning, innovation and to boldly follow your hearts desires and greatest dreams.

Here’s a little tidbit for those who want to benefit from these energies… For the next 14 days focus and/or refocus your personal goals and resolutions by allowing some time and energy towards fine tuning your mind and soul. This refinement will lead to the outcome of better accomplishing all you desire.

You can expect the year of the Fire Monkey to be full of synchronicity, magic, action and unexpected adventures that can make us stronger and more trusting of ourselves if we chose to be brave.

With the Tower in Hand, What Does This Year Hold?

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Last year was definitely a year of growth and potential for personal freedom. What does this year hold? The chance to define your life!

This year is 16th year of a 22–year cycle and in the 22–major archetypes represented in the Tarot, the 16th key is that of the TOWER

unnamedThe Tower shakes the foundation of your current sense of security and/or has you question your strongly-held beliefs, perceptions, attitudes and behaviors. Which all corresponds to a Reset mentioned in the email before. What can show up during the year of the Tower are: death of a loved one, financial challenges, health problems, etc., and/or any event that penetrates to the core of your inner being, affecting you spiritually, mentally and physically.

Questions to help along guide our way:

  1. What am I pretending about?
  2. Have I built unhealthy or false values in my life?
  3. Am I stuck in an unhealthy rut? What can I do to change it?
  4. What am I in illusion about or what signs am I ignoring?
  5. What can I do more of to be at ease with myself and my surroundings?
  6. How can I allow more tranquility into my day?

Welcome 2016
Let Retrograde Be Your Time to RESET

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image (1)With the rolling in of 2016, the days of being unconscious with your thoughts, feelings and behaviors are over. 2016 is a time to focus on eliminating destructive patterns that stands in the way of your spiritual evolution, to allow life to unfold without needing to control or second-guess every step.

There is a lot of unknown that needs to be accepted and embraced with a trusting heart. This may be difficult for those who feel a need for control. The goal for the year is practicing patience and surrendering to the ebb and flow; this will not only help keep you balanced and present, but will help in the RESET process.

A RESET is similar to what happens at night when you sleep. You take yourself offline and let go of how you consciously held and experienced your physical reality for the day. It gives you a chance to reset. Such as the saying, “sleep on it”. This saying refers to a solution that may come from relaxed state.


Neuro Linguistic Programming is the art and science of excellence, derived from studying how top people in different fields obtain outstanding results. NLP is the science of human behavior.

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Jikiden Reiki

Jikiden is Japanese for “direct lineage”. Ki/Chi/Prana is life force energy. Reiki is currently widely recognized as a complementary medicine frequently found in hospitals.

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Energy Work

Energy based healing methods which have been used for thousands of years by highly trained practitioners. These techniques facilitate rapid healing and greater ease in your life.

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This is purposeful meditation! We go on a guided journey of personal transformation to take conscious control of who we are and our lives.

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